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Mass Effect Universe
(My Shepard is a female redhead who is straight up Paragon to the point it hurts.)
Missing You - Kaidan dreams of his Commander Shepard.
From Red to Blue - Shepard's journey from Reds to Alliance. (Also a play on from Renegade to Paragon.)

Megaman/Megaman X
The Quiet Shadows - A decently written fic about Damaru and her cousins.
The Resurrection of Shadows - Sequel. Decently written as well.
Second Chances - Supposed to be about the past. Explains more about Dochuu.
Fruit Tree's Misadventures - Fruit Tree gets a chance to tell a story of her own. It's finally been written/finished.
(unfinished fics)
Eternal Shadows - Damaru lives once again in a different timeline.
Destiny Awaits Within - Maybe an alternative universe but... I'm not quite sure!
The Tales of Humanity - VERY alternative universe!

Ronin Warriors (The Ronin Plays) modified!
The Wizard of The Dynasty
Ronin 1/2
Sailor Moon ST
A Ronin Christmas Rhapsody
Ryozilla vs Talpa
The Full Ronin
Kia Purity and The Holy Grail
Samurai Wars!
Samurai Troopers: Ronin Wing




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