Update: Felt the old one was too plain also. :) I'll be adding new links in here soon as I can figure them out. Augh.

Pages that Kia Purity can be found at:

Lemon 64 Forums Commodore 64 stuff. (I've not been there in a while.)

Tron Sector Forums Tron~ <3

Anime Festival Wichita Forums Yep, you'll find me.

Pages belonging to people that KP knows:

http://www.psychoneko.com/ Orcrist asked me to check this site out... so I did. >>

http://pishi.cyberbotx.com/kyoto/ I compel you to visit this comic.

www.deafwichita.com My older sister's site.

www.deafwichita.com/greg/ My younger brother's site.

http://rpstudios.ian-justman.com/ane/anemain.html Beware of the PMS!

http://silver.stratton.googlepages.com/ My fiance's page. <3

As for linking to me: (I promise I will come up with a better one.)

the code: <a href="http://kiapurity.leamonde.net/"><img src="images/kpweb.jpg"></a> YOU MUST SAVE THE IMAGE ON YOUR COMPUTER ONLY!  And upload it to your site or somewhere. =P


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Disclaimer: Tron/Tron 2.0 belongs to Disney (even though the name Tron belongs to Cooper Industries!), C64 belongs to someone but the webcomic/characters are my own, PSFZ is my own creation as well. Xenogears/Xenosaga belongs to Takahashi. :P