The Tales of Humanity

A Mega Man X: Alternative Universe Fanfic
Kia Purity


In a room sealed from the world, an ancient robed figure could be seen chanting at a single bowl of fire.  His chants were of a different language, a forgotten language.  Lo, and behold, a figure rose out of the fire as the hand burst from the cloak and threw concoctions into the bowl.  The fire roared, taking on a red hue as the figure started to take on more of a definite shape.  It seemed as if it was being molded from clay with the sheer force of magic.  The eyes flared to life as the figure threw his hands up.
"My creation, you shall have the first breath of life!"

It was a beautiful day... perfect for getting to know the local girls, thought the blonde who was sitting against a pine tree.  His next thought was the necessary to protect the village from attacks from the Mavericks.
"Hey, there!"
The blonde looked up to see his partner who was waving at him from a considerable distance. "Hi."
"Zero, I have a message for you from ummm..." The brunette sweatdropped and tugged at his chain mail armor that was covering his blue shirt. "Well, you know who."
"Oh? What is the message?"
"The message is from a girl..."
"Yes?" Zero's ego lifted slightly. "What's her name?"
"I don't know, but why am I giving you messages when we should be on the look out for Sigma and his henchmen?"
Zero's ego hit the ground at the mention of Sigma's name.  He narrowed his eyes at X, "Let's get back to work." He stood up and grabbed his sabre.
"Right." X sighed as the last sweat drop rolled off the back of his head.  After all, this day would have to be a work day, once again for the two.

As the two walked into the town, the young women were peeking out of windows and giggling over the two.  Zero seemed to be enjoying all the attention while X simply blushed.  Finally, they reached the town hall where the village elder was hard at work with all the important decisions that would determine the fate.  On the other side of the town hall, there was a building with soldiers and such.  Both Zero and X had their own units to maintain and lead while being a good role model.
(Zero makes a bad role model.)
Zero eyed the parenthesis that appeared out of nowhere and ignored it, knowing the authoress herself wouldn't even attempt to appear in this fanfic purely because she was too busy trying to remember things in connection with the medieval age.
X, however, resumed sweat dropping at the parenthesis. "Yeah, well, we need to check in at the Maverick Hunters Headquarters..."
He froze at the sight of women running into his direction.
Ten minutes later, Zero seemed offended that the women weren't after him.  X got up and panted for air because he had nearly been groped to death by rabid fans.
"How come that didn't happen for me?"
"I'd assume it was the parenthesis..." The man in blue groaned and made his way to the headquarters while Zero took his frustration out on the parenthesis.
After the last of it crumbled into dust, Zero scoffed and followed X inside where they would be safe from the odd things that were about to happen to them on the beautiful day.