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Sorry for the late warning, won't be able to post comics till after the 26th. Be back soon!


Comic not inked and colored yet. I actually finished drawing four comics this morning which is a rarity nowdays. Yikes.


This is what happens when you get bored and knit too much. Also, it is pretty fun stomping around in Rex.

Totally not a Monday. Been sick for a while -- hence, nothing for the last two Mondays which sucks. :P Still slowly working on "improving" rest of the site or just pretty much throwing the "c64-themed frames" on the other sites to frame up the blue bits.

Also, have a shop here: -- I'm going to be putting up some 80's themed computer geekness (hats) up shortly. :P (Yes, I've been working on making C= hats, already have one in cream and I just need to finish sewing the brown one. Then gotta knit the black one.)

--Kia Purity

>...>...about time. > LIFE KICKED MY BUTT, OKAY? ;_;
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