These are the links that I thought were nifty. XD

--MGS Comics--

The Last Days of Foxhound Psycho Mantis is great. Comic has since ended, but the archives are still here.

Hiimdaisy/Peachi's MGS comics MGS2 comics are my favorite. <3 (I also have a random LJ Icon of Naked Snake in croc cap from the MGS3 comic!)

--Web Comics that Kia reads--

Kay, the cookie Jar Dragon by Aquarmarine



Kevin and Kell

Penny and Aggie High school wasn't that crazy.

Something Positive Gotta love the snarky but awesome comic. I compel you to visit this comic.

Elf Only Inn Gone for good.

F@nboy$ Good comic but unfortunately, it's on an unannounced break. (I can understand, I take unannounced breaks.)

Devil's Panties Lovin' the gal's humor!

Vgcats Still a great comic to read. Love Super Effective too!

MS Paint Adventures Love Problem Sleuth one. Did you know that I was the idiot who kept trying to summon the Schema Pumpkin and finally said "Have PFI summon the pumpkin" and it got in.

Girls with Slingshots I kind of discovered this through Something Positive and another friend who referred to me it because of a random deaf character in the comic.

--Commodore 64 links!-- Whee! The C64 font that is needed to view this page. :D (Unfortunately, it doesn't work in firefox. Damn.)
THE LINK IS DEAD! The C64 font is [here] Eehehe. Lots of C64 roms :9 Game guide! o_o I'll include some of the games in the comic. >:D Keep an eye out for which ones! =P Nifty site. :]

--Misc links-- A great TRON page. You can catch me at the forums. (Really hard to miss me when I have the C64 button on my sig. XD) An interesting site. >>; ANIME FESTIVAL WICHITA! I love you guys. Really, I do. ;_;

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