[The Twin Weirdos] [Daughters of Substance] [Thong Banisher] [Gears of Pants]


Note: Metal Gear Solid is Hideo Kojima's work! Very awesome man. Check out the games if you can!

[MGS (PSX)] [MGS: Twin Snakes (GC)]
[MGS2: Sons of Liberty] [MGS2: Substance]
[MGS3: Snake Eater] [MGS3: Subsistence]
[MGS4: Guns of Patriots]
And if you want to see how scary my entire [Metal Gear collection] is...
It got worse: [Slightly updated?] (You know, I still have to take a recent picture with MGS4 and MGS44 game guide!)

Chibified pictures! [MGK1] [MGK2] [MGK3] [MGK4]


...you know, there's still two more MGS games in process: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid: Raiden Rising. I want Raiden Rising more. :P I was kind of mad that it got announced for 360 first but I did lulz at how sad the 360 fanboys learned it was Raiden and not Snake. (At least it's being ported to PS3 and PC!)

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