Commodore 64 is rather unique. Heck, she's a special CBM Robot, but there was a freaky accident which enabled her to have something of a soul. She is well loved by the fans who fondly remember her as the computer.
Kia Purity is the hopeless child of the 80's. Born in '82. Her claim to fame is the fact that Tron came out three days in the movie theatres after she was born.  This is also the same person who is doing the comics. (Yo!)
Apple is rich, expensive looking type. She likes to viciously remind C64 that Commodore is dead. (but really, Apple Computer did come very close to CBM's fate. Only they got Steve Jobs back.) However, she does not like the remarks about her appearance. (think imacs.)
Has disturbing fanboys.
Microsoft is one insanely insecure girl who is stalked by tons of viruses out there. Also rich, but hates Linux and Unix.
Her fanboys are something to be feared.
Your sterotypical punk kid who plays those graphic-rich video games. He's probably a Microsoft fanboy. Probably speaks the lamer language.
Still don't have a name for him.
Sticking with the title of "C64 Fanboy".

He represents those who had (and still have) C64s and fondly admires the machine.

Darwin, the cute fish which is now a Tonberry.
He likes to pick on NES and Atari. ^^;

He also tends to pop out of nowhere for no reason.

Nintendo as in NES (the 1988 console!) He has the hots for C64 and will do anything to date her.

He also has this habit of getting into fights with Atari.

Kia's former computer. It's still in use as a back up computer... pretty much used by Ken Takino. Kia plans to update it as soon as she can get her hands on some money.
Atari Darwin picks on this poor guy. He also dislikes NES because he was famous.
However, he has a dark secret...
(Atari has a chip named "Stella"!)
A fellow C64 fan. She's actually a character from one of my puny attempts at a TRON fanfic. She'll make few appearances whenever possible.

(This is her TRON 2.0 look.)

This OS is yet to be determined. Very powerful and knows it, but doesn't even try to be brash about it. Everyone can depend on Linux!

Usually has a penguin following her. :P

C64's older sister! Looks exactly like C64 only she has white hair and red eyes.

(#1 of CBM robots. C64 is #2.)

C65 C64's younger sibling. Has weird-colored white/blonde hair. C65 is the secret weapon that was never finished. (Rumored to be 2k of 'em...)

Insane fact: One of the C65's was on ebay... it wasn't functional, but it went for $500 bucks!? O_O; (this was around the time I won my second C64.)

Amiga Yeah, I *had* to put in Amiga, the adopted computer.

Probably pretty much a guy. Unless I find out something weird.

Kia's own console. He's tall, dark, and very sleeky. For some insane reason, Kia named him TRON.
(C64: It was the logo. -.-;)

(So, I'm lazy. This is the console. Heheh. And you can see the second C64! XD)

C16 is slightly bitter over what happened to CBM. So she tends to be very brash towards Apple and MS whenever possible.

She rarely smiles, but when she does, people wonder if the world's gonna end. (#3 of CBM robots.)

The C64 port of the arcade game GORF. This Gorf loves to bug the hell out of C64 and Kia. (Kia has really NEVER beaten this game.)
He's much tamer than his freaky Arcade counterpart.

Just still annoying.

The arcade GORF... VERY freaky as hell. Bounces like a frog on crack (get it? Er, well, yeah...) Also, he tends to freak out Enker. (Kia: One of my friends from IRC who happens to live in Kansas too >_>)
He also freaks Kia out too... (Kia: It's the TEETH. THAT'S NOT NORMAL!)
The psycho computer with XP on it. ;_; Kia Purity's current and new PC that was built by her fiance. The PC is running windows XP and much stable compared to her previous PC which annoys the heck out of Kia. Kia tends to try to give it the death glare if it doesn't screw up.
Sigh. (It only breaks if I poke something wrong. HA HA HA.)

Kia's fiance who has to endure the insanity. He rarely appears in the comic, but is still listed because he will make an appearance. XP

...and he did own a C64 at one point, but it was his second computer!

Appeared in MGK1 as Cyborg Ninja. Heh.

Pay no mind to the Zohar plushie. Kia can be seen holding it at AFW 2005: [1] [2]

...and right behind the Xenogears box. (This was when it wasn't complete!) [1]