To make a long story short: LOAD "*",8,1

*ducks tomatoes*

Alright, alright!

The comic started when I was going through one of my fits of obsession. This time, it was Tron (Hey, last time I had my Tron obsession was when I was 10 years old.) Now, it's gotten worse since I found out that it came out three days after I was born. To make matters worse, I started to remember my first computer, a Commodore 64.

God, I loved that computer. Stable compared to my piece of @#$%! computer (but, that's only because Windows 98 is on it.) Heck, it outlived Packard Bell. (Which shows you how much bad these PB computers were. It lasted for 5 years after 4 hd deaths. C64 lasted around 15-16 years then I had to give it up... wasn't my choice.)

Anyway, I went through these two websites: and I was like, "Well, damn, there was a Golden Commodore 64?" Then I started to think a little more about the computer.

Why not a web comic? I was trying to start a web comic about my original series last year but I eventually gave up. So... it was born. (Blame the dream I had of an old man getting my c64 to work and giving it back to me. I bawled when I woke up.)

I had a couple of ideas how to set up C-64 Girl. I was thinking of her as a super-cool chick who knows how to use computers and such. Until I accidentally put myself in the second strip and I was like ... why not... a SOUL of the computer? Okay, so I'm warped, but, hey. The dream will be related to the comic soon as I feel like I've done enough strips to show the history. :)


List of C64 games that I had.
(Underlined means: I have them again, but bought from ebay or other sources or were donated to me!)

Carts: Gorf, Lemans, Radar Rat Race, Starpost, Jupiter Lander, Super Smash, Kickman, and (I can't remember the name of this game, but it was broken, I think.) Fast loader and Koala painter

Disks: African Adventure, Star Trek (three versions), Aliens, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (this was also for NES. I got TMNT Christmas 1990), Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bounds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Dragonlance, Bard's tale... erg, mostly RPGs. Blame my dad.

Cassettes: I don't remember any but I definitely had the drive as you can see in the pictures.

Misc: Floppy disk drive, cassette drive, koala painter tablet, at least two joy sticks, and paddles. (Strangely enough, the ones I had were Atari brand and I easily found them again.) Also had the Commodore printer as well but I don't recall it ever being used at all that much.

I have a second C64 that I won from ebay-- still haven't been able to find a disk drive, much less any floppies. I think I just might give up on that search and be content with my carts. (However, I did acquire Atari usb converter so I could just play GORF on my pc and curse the alien robot.)

--Kia Purity

(I moved the photos in here because it was making this page load so slowly)