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I'm going to be a geek when I grow up! :PI wuv my C64. T__________T

**A toddler Kia with her first C64. Oh, look, that's a datasette drive!**

The monitor that I had when the tv went boom.

**This is the monitor that was used afterwards with the C64. The monitor in the Christmas picture has since disappeared**

Happy Kia has invaded!Ken Takino strikes back!Isn't it pretty? :X

**The day I got my second C64 in the mail. I was so happy.**

**Did not have the right colors to make an actual GORF plushie, so this ended up being the test plushie, FROG**

Kia Purity apparently can get up to mission three without a joystick? O_oKia Purity needs a joystick. >_>Love me.KP's messy room. LOOK, IT'S GORF!

Test Plushie and the Cart. :D

Woooooohooo! All carts! :DThe six new carts and an autographed card!Hmm. I'm missing one. :PYep. Cindy Morgan autographed it. :D *happyhappy*