The gorfians are really bugging Kia. :D

Several ways to get in touch with me-- but remember, first IDENTIFY yourself so I don't get confused because I know too damn many people and can't keep track of them all ;_;

Email: kiapurity (at) leamonde (dot) net

AIM: kiapurity

ICQ: 27925372 (wait I still have ICQ?)

Yahoo: kia_purity (wait what?)

MSN: kiapurity (at) hotmail (dot) com (wait, I have what again?)

IRC: (or port 6667 I'm known as Kia_Purity there of course and you would have to /msg me. You can get mirc (it's pretty much freeware program for windows but it nags. For macintoshs there's "MICE" (thanks, Widdy)!

Steam: Kia Purity

I'm online at evenings after 6pm CST!