I drew this before I started the comic. .-. Presenting... Kia Purity! I suck at drawing jeans. The cute fish that evolves fast. o_o So, I had to use photoshop to make her dress darker because I lack dark red color pencil. --;

I screwed up on her arms, but she deserved it! I know I've drawn several oekaki versions, but this is the SOLID version. C64's older sister. All three. This is just a sketch. I'm working on improving it.

Late halloween pic!
C64 and Kia switch roles briefly... :P
The missing C16 character design pic. x.x; Finally! Linux's design! MGS'D!


+Oekaki Board Pictures+


I was in a depressed mood when I drew this... ^^; That's what my c64 looked like! @_x Um... ^^; @.@ I'm not really good... ><;

This royally sucked. Much better than the other one. Gorf bugging C64 Darwin~ Tronberry~

Actual recreation of Gorf sprite. I can't draw carts. :( Guess who got another C64? Concept art for the back cover of Memories: Desu Ex Machina Concept art of C64's creation.

Scribbly C64 ness. ^^;      


+Video Games+


City of Heroes:
Sixty Four on Victory
City of Heroes:
Kia Purity on Victory

Erh. I stopped playing COH because it was getting to be too much of a grindfest. (And that, I was getting hunted by ninjas EVERYWHERE. Oh god. Four times in ONE zone already.)
I also hated the fact that I couldn't get the right hairstyle for Kia. Stupid stereotypical superhero hairstyles.




Drawn by Aquamarine! Thanks, Aqua! XD This pic is so cute! Drawn by Nova Strike. We were going crazy due to the fact that I won a C64 on ebay.