The Shrines Page

Update: Got tired of white space on this one also.

The pages of shrines I have. Yeah, I know I'm weird for having so many shrines, and right now, my favorite one is the newest one that I'm trying to work on. =P

[The Halo Shrine] My first shrine ever! For Sage of Halo! (Sage: . . . Kia! Stop embarrassing me!)

[The Cruelty Shrine] Well, I didn't have a name for Anubis' shrine... ^^;

[The Rocky Plains of Hardrock Shrine] Val's shrine to Kento, although I decided to keep this on my page because she didn't have one at that time... since she has one, I'm not going to ditch it. <:P

[He's not who you think...] (psst, Since I got into Gundam Wing...) Well, if I get pelted by tomatoes for making a shrine to Wufei, THEN DO IT! *waits for the tomatoes*

[~*~Dreams and Hopes~*~] My Gambit x Rogue shrine. x_x I really need to get around to doing the layout for it.

[-The Eye of Zohar-] My Xenogears/Xenosaga shrine. Fei = hawt hawt. Zohar = AHHH. Krelian butt = @!$#@$#@!!!! (Long story.)


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