Note: I know I'll get pelted by tomatoes for making this shrine, but heck, I wanted to rank as the most insane gal on the face of earth! I feel obligated to make a shrine for him since he's good looking and has an unique personality *pelted by tomatoes*.  I don't know why I really made this shrine, but it's just because... I felt it was wrong of everyone to accuse Wufei of being a sexist when he's not!  It's not his fault 'bout his attitude... he was either brought up that way or the writers were too creative. :P  No one should really hate any characters of any show. They add interest to it. =P Anyway... (other than the resemblance my fiancÚ has... o-o;)

UPDATES: XD NEW PIIIIIIIIIIIIIICTURES! Scans from Episode Zero and Gundam Wing #1 (From Mixx) *giggle* ^-^; Oh and yes, I finally got some good Gundam Wing cards from Overwing. >:D

Wufei: ...
Sage: I pity you. 
Wufei: ... Aren't you supposed to be in Ronin Warriors?
Sage: I'm just visiting.
Kia: Bishies! *point!*
Sage and Wufei: O_O *hides!*

[Pictures] Screenshots and whatever I can try to get. @_@ UPDATED!
[The Signs That You're A Wufei Fan-Girl...] This... just says it. ^.^;
[Artwork] (Feh, if I can draw any pictures of Wufei... I'm kinda busy with college now, but I'm trying like heck.)
[Revenge Section]  
[Rantings in Defense of Wufei]

Feh, if I get any ideas to make more sections for this shrine, I'll have them up sometime this weekend. Dunno when.

Wufei: Is Baka Onna gone?
Sage: Don't count on it.
*Wufei and Sage are tackled out of nowhere*
Kia: ^_____^

I'm on crack. These are my ... adoptions. Yes, I adopted a Gundam. What? I'M CRAZY. IKUZOOOOOOOOOOO *leaps out of a closed window*

This Wufei Kitty
was adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

XD I couldn't resist adopting another kitty and since Sally's my second favorite GW character... ^-^

This Sally Kitty
was adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

Adopt a Gundam Wing dollie at! =D

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