First off... I'm just SO sick of people's complaints about Wufei. Sheesh. I know other Wufei Shrines have their ranting sections too... but I felt that I should have my say too!

* "Wufei's a Sexist!"  Moron. He's not a sexist. Hello? He doesn't WANT women to fight because Meiran died.  As far as any psychologist can tell you (or someone with psychology knowledge...) any past experience can have a HUGE impact on a person's life. (GO READ EPISODE ZERO! Yes, you can read the damn manga just by going to the image gallery in this shrine. I took my time to SCAN the manga. >:P) Hell, you can buy it since it's out and translated.

* "Wufei's balding!" ...balding? :P I'm laughing at this one because there's no way in hell a guy with a ponytail can bald. Ask my fiance. ;P

* "Wufei has bad taste in clothes." Bad taste? -_-; Obviously, someone doesn't know about the Chinese culture. Anyhow...

* "Wufei's gay!" Um. No. He was married to Meiran. :P And he has somewhat of a thing going on with Sally Po. So, no. He doesn't have any relationship with any Gundam pilots -OR- (even worse) Treize beyond friends/enemy. But then again, it is really all in form of interpretation and I've noticed that he does spend some time with Sally Po...

* "Wufei keeps calling everyone weak..." *shrugs* He just has a weird self-defense thingy.

* "Wufei's ugly!" Go jump in a lake. Some of us Wufei fans find him INCREDIBLY sexy. >:P

* "Wufei and Treize are lovers." Since when being enemies makes them lovers? Some people are just weird.

* "Wufei keeps bashing himself too much!" Gee. It's *bleep*ing NORMAL for people to bash themselves. I do it all the time to myself! Have you guys NOT noticed that I hate myself all over the place?

* "He has low self-esteem!" *points to above* NORMAL. And besides, he's had enough psychological damage from Episode Zero. HAH.

* Recently, I just found out that WTC was linked by an Anti-Wufei Page. FUCKING LOVELY! WTC is just a page to joke, not actually hating! I'm IN WTC and anyone knows if Kia Purity in WTC, Wufei WON'T be harmed. >:F I have the promise from my sib Nova Strike an' friends that Wufei won't be harmed. I'd like WTC to be left *ALONE*. Period.

I'll post some more as soon as I find them. Sheesh, I just HATE it when people act like total morons and insult Wufei. My god, can't they understand the fucking rule out there? It's a unwritten and unspoken rule. BE UNBIASED TOWARDS ALL CHARACTERS. Sure, you can have favorites or dislikes... but NEVER, NEVER, bash a character without a reason! Any reasons has to be proven with solid proof or the person will look like a total moron/lamer. End of story.