So, yes, the characters section.

Apple- Cameo appearances. Evil looking thing, I guess.

Byte- Upgraded version of Bit that follows Caila around in the computer world.

Caila- A punk/geek. She loves to work with computer hardware. She collects ancient computers. Blonde with electric blue streaks. Green eyes. Tends to wear one of the 80's shirts although she's commonly seen wearing an Atari shirt.

Commodore 64 Girl- She'll only make very few cameo appearances.

Darwin- You knew that he had to appear... sooner or later. *DOINK*

Kia Purity- Another person with a cameo appearance. (Er... yes, me! :D)

MCP- What would we do without the silly inverted traffic cone?

Microsoft- Cameo appearance too. Evil thing that gets infested more than I wear socks.