I have quite few TRON items in my collection. Sadly, though, it's small compared to quite few people. o_O;

Click on the bigger pic! :PMy artwork included with it. :PReally, that's all the figures I have. Note that the Tron 2.0 figures are big enough to ride the lightcycles. HAHAHA.*sobs* Three more figures! I'm so happy!

  • TRON taped off of the Disney Channel in 1992
  • TRON 20th anniversary DVD
  • TRON 20th anniversary pin set! (very nice.)
  • Yori card signed by Cindy Morgan. (Woo!)
  • PC Gamer with the news of TRON 2.0
  • Red lightcycle with Sark
  • Yellow lightcycle with Tron
  • Flynn figure
  • Disney Yearbook 1984 [1] [2] [3] (I doubt anyone has this... what's sad is that I've had this before I knew about TRON?! Argh. I had to find out six years later? =P I remember reading this book all the time and yet... *beats her head on the desk*)
  • Jet Bradley [1] [2]
  • Mercury (see above)
  • Sark
  • Tron
  • Guard

Coming soon:
IC, and Thorne figures as well as TRON 2.0 the game itself! Woo!