My artwork:

[Body suit thingie] So, uh, yeah, I was thinking of the opening credits when I did this... unfortunately, I screwed up.
[Same bodysuit] Modified.
[Kia in her bodysuit] Same bodysuit. Ironically, I drew this /before/ the main bodysuit pic. I used to have that pic as an avatar, but I really like how Sketch drew the tronified version of me. ^^;
[Kia-Fullbody] ...I just love this pic. Looks kind of 3d-like.
[C64] Okay, so it wasn't good.
[Much Better C64 tronified] Yee! Finally.
[C64-full body] I think I messed up somewhere. *eyes*
[Caila] Prisma color pic. ^^; Her hair really blends well in contrast to the other pic.
[Caila again!] Oekaki picture. Just looking spiffy. I think she's trying to work on a computer.
[Caila in her bodysuit] I really like how it turned out. :D
[...Darwin!] Darwin, the TRONberry. Hehehe. ^^;
Wacky sprites: [Apple] [MS] [C64] [Caila] [Caila normal] [Kia] [Kia warrior]

Art from other people:

[Caila] [Kia Profile pic for Tron-Sector] [Kia with a disc] [Darwin!]