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Alright, they're jerks. 12 episodes. No Abel. *punches the anime*

The episode summaries:

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Look, it's Citan-- wait, it's Jin! x_o ...for some reason Allen looked beefy in the first episode. Allen doesn't seem well drawn here... but he's less beefy!
Random fighting. If you don't know this scene, you've NOT PLAYED THE GAME. Missing lipstick!
(they repeated this scene too many times. ;_;)
ZIGGY. <3 This one is quite hard to explain... Guess what? ICE SWORD!
Sparkly Batter up~ ...heh...
Antipode required. A very frozen Pel The Matrix apparently found Pel.
Hey, who invited that gear? Meanwhile... Jr and Ziggy try out their techs! Good ol' Lightning Fist.
Words cannot describe how funny this is. ...well. I kept calling this damn thing "Coin Snap". It's Bart's fault.
Oh god no. ...and Bunnie is summoned. Really. I named this: "ohgodwhy".
This took place before the crazy techs/ether stuff. It's an anima relic! Simeon, that is. Now, who was aligned to it in XG?
Albedo is a dick. ...it's Canaan! *point* Good ol' angst
The bastard lives. Split personality! It's happening again...
Yes, all three. Slightly fried. ...It's Jin!
The anime's over. Go home.

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