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Note: The episodes I acquired were subbed by AnimeYuki!

(Deep Rooted Delusion)

Kos-Mos has fired the cannon. As a result of this, the remaining gnosis are eaten by a mystery object. People freak out, Shion comments on the light being the same as Kos-Mos' X-Buster. Song of Nephilim is shown, somewhat floating on top of the object.  Chaos identifies the source as Proto Merkabah.

[Episode Title]

Inside Proto Merkabah, close up of Albedo with MOMO in his lap. (Jeez, someone shoot him.) He comments on Proto Merkabah being dragged out and that he's not found the key inside MOMO. MOMO tries to struggle against the probe as Jr and Ziggy flashes through her mind. Kirschwasser fades back into the darkness.

They explain Proto Merkabah while having previously thought that it vanished along with Old Milita. Jr comments on the Gnosis' existence being the result of a scientist + Zohar + Merkabah.  Allen: Is that why they called him a mass murder? One of the 100 series announces that MOMO has been located... in Proto Merkabah!
Ziggy requests for the ship to get closer to Proto Merkabah when Jr says that Ziggy is not going, he is. Ziggy mentions that Jr would get too emotional and that he knows from experience that going into a battle all emotional tends to end badly. Jr doesn't seem to give a damn, mainly because he's seen crap as a soldier. Ziggy also mentions that he knows from 100 years ago (Pied Piper reference). Jr snaps, saying that people being replaced by numbers is when everything would be over.

Jr is talking to Captain Matthews, wanting to buy the Elsa.  Matthews says that would consider but cannot sell Elsa because he's still on a job. Jr complains about a part time job until Matthews points out that he has to take Ziggy and MOMO to Second Milita safely. Everyone else shows up and Shion says that it doesn't matter that they have different reasons, just that their feelings is the same. Ziggy also gives Jr advice, urging him to listen to someone older than Jr. (Zing!) Jr gives up, accepting the fact that they'll be going with him to save MOMO.
Tony comments on not giving up this chance for hazard pay and Matthews yells at him, complaining that Tony took away his coolness.
Shion announces, "Okay, let's go! Momo needs our help!"

Elsa takes off for Proto Merkabah and Shion looks over to Kos-Mos, wondering if Kos-Mos would resort to logical courses again. Then she forces herself not to think about it while gnosis attack is announced. Apparently, not all of the gnosis were absorbed by Proto Merkabah.  Elsa makes its way through the gnosis as Tony cackles gleefully while Hammer complains about the maniac.  The Durandal sends out AGWS units to deal with the remaining gnosis. Unfortunately, the AGWS units are destroyed by a energy blast from Proto Merkabah. Albedo appears on Elsa's screen to mock everyone. He manages to turn Proto Merkabah around... which causes Second Milita to be the next target! Jr flings angry words at Albedo as Shion do the same, promising that she'll save MOMO. She also speaks about the power of wills which Albedo finds interesting, "Are those feelings of yours going to fry me alive?"

[Xenosaga: The Animation]

Shion, Chaos, and Jr are in AGWS while Ziggy and Kos-Mos are on foot. Chaos asks how Shion is adjusting to the AGWS. Shion replies that it's no different from what she's tested at the HQ. Everyone is ready as Allen tells them that he's located the generator. Allen says, "Even if we're separated, my heart is always with you! Even in hell..." Matthews yells at Allen for being dramatic which has Allen apologizing profusely. Elsa is slightly grazed by a gnosis as Tony asks Hammer about finding a block that they can access. They can't find a such place so Matthews announces that they're just going to ram into a part of Proto Merkabah and tells the team to be ready to enter... and not to forget about the repair fees for the hull.  Actually, they didn't ram into the Proto Merkabah, but they did find a space within The Song of Nephilim system.

Albedo is still on the throne with a seemingly life-less MOMO on his lap, realizing that they entered the system. He taunts Kirschwasser about her throwing him away and running to Shion's side. Kirschwasser doesn't seem to be affected as she states that Shion is coming to save MOMO, not her. Albedo says he needs Kirschwasser and wants to know why she hesitates. More taunting about how Kirschwasser pretended to be a 100 series and was not able to save the ship from the gnosis and her hands are covered in blood (figuratively speaking). He also says that he'll use the power of Proto Merkabah to blow away Second Milita. Kirschwasser says that people would die but he doesn't even seem to care about the consequences. He also points out that she's on the same level as Joachim Mizrahi. She shows no emotion as she links up with ES Simeon, revealing the anima relic within.
"It seems that the vessel of Anima has taken a liking to your heart", Albedo tells Kirschwasser.

Meanwhile, the gang are busy destroying the gnosis as they make their way to the center. Jr announces that Albedo is close by. Chaos stops, realizing that he's having a bad feeling that he cannot identify. (I think he's sensing the Anima Relic.)

More cackling from Albedo as the gang finally enter the room. Jr screams for MOMO while Albedo tells Jr to spare him from any clichés and openly admits that he's a monster because words have no meaning to him.  Albedo is also curious as to whether Jr has revealed to MOMO that they're both monsters or not. Jr gets pissed off and his red aura flares up while Albedo laughs like a moron. More angry words from Jr while Albedo taunts on. "I don't need some U-DO contaminated freak telling me that!" Albedo corrects him, it's evolved not contaminated. "I am the alpha and the omega of the perfect consciousness!" Jr screams at him not to touch MOMO but Albedo does so anyway. MOMO cries out for Jr and he shoots Albedo in the shoulder out of rage. The shoulder regenerates as Albedo laments on how pain is wonderful.
Jr demands for MOMO's return but Albedo refuses, saying that he needs to break through the last layer. He discovers the memory of Joachim telling MOMO that he's entrusting the secrets to her. A feedback occurs before Albedo can discover the key and MOMO falls out of his lap. Jr safely grabs her, apologizing to her. MOMO somehow comes out of it, telling him that it was okay because she believed that Jr would come for her.
Albedo laughs and damns Joachim Mizrahi for the trap within MOMO's memory. He taunts Jr again as Jr gives into his rage. There's a giant red aura around Jr, trying to crush into Albedo but he's blocking it and taunting Jr some more.

On the Durandal... Mary pleads with Jr not to give into his rage.

Albedo is still taunting Jr and Jr is still pissed off. Chaos warns Jr not to play into Albedo's hands but of course, Jr is still in RAGE mode. MOMO interrupts the two by neutralizing the power. Then she talks about how Albedo took a part of her but yet, at the same time, she also has a part of him. She starts to talk about the Kirschwassers, saying that they saw something in Albedo that they loved and how he could deface their feelings and hearts. Albedo laughs that off, saying that MOMO was the one who got the most attention. He also sics Simeon/Kirschwasser on the group. Chaos realized that Kirschwasser fused with the Anima relic. MOMO says that it's cruel, but Albedo retorts with, "This is what she wished for."
MOMO cries out to Kirschwasser to stop, but Kirschwasser says that father was the one who always watched MOMO and that made her want to be MOMO. She says that Albedo needs her but MOMO says that she's being used. Kirschwasser doesn't care as she bids farewell to Shion.  Shion suddenly realizes that Kirschwasser was the 100-series that she met earlier. Albedo has his last laugh of the episode as the group face a fully fused ES Simeon/Kirschwasser.

To be cont'd for Episode 12: Kos-Mos...

Thoughts: Albedo is a dick. Less laughing from him, please. Ziggy's advice isn't really working so well with Jr exploding.

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