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This is really a summary of what's happened in the game. Includes cutscenes and... *checks* ...I'll just not check for Krelian Butt right now. Fei too interesting to look at. >_>


The cover. The X is pretty. I am Alpha and Omega... Greetings from Child-Id
There goes the village Elly is not quite happy with her situation Hi Abel.
Blood everywhere @_@ Darn memories. :( Is it bad that I think Id is kinda hot?
Poor wels. uNF.
(There, that's the cup of WTF.)
Ohgodf. Blasted parasite.
More memories! Zomg?! ZOHAR <3
Nudity! >> Even  more... ;_; NOOOOOOOO *boom*
At least you can't see his butt that well. Chaos he ain't. Back to everyone else!
Xenogears with wings o_O Go home, it's over!

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