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Definitely a collection of postcards. Nice book despite the fact that its hard to open the book. o_O
(Right now, my book is looking funny because I finally got these pics out.)


Seeing a trend here? Inside flaps! It's Fei.
Elly. Citan. Bart!
The cast!
(Well, not all of them.)
Once again! Weltall
Vierge Hemidal Brigander
Renmazuo Stier Siebzehn
Gears, part one Gears, part two ohgodf
Elly and Fei
...in a forest, having a cup of wtf-- wait, that's too early
oh god, it's Child-Id Lahan goes boom
Weltall again! I seriously forgot what this one was. Shevat!
Nisan and Citan's house Jeez, I have to replay the game to remember what this is Yggdrasil!
Elly The unfinished painting of Sophia! Back of the postcards
Weltall designs, p1 Weltall designs, p2 Weltall designs, p3
Weltall designs, p4 Weltall designs, p5 Credits


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