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-The Theories-
(aka: Crack-ass Theories)

Note: Not to be taken seriously unless you've had too much caffeeine like I do.

As of now, Xenosaga doesn't seem to be a part of the same series like Xenogears is, so these theories were from when it could have been. 

* Kos-Mos-- I think I've figured out her role! She's THE MOTHER. She does have dual personalities as indicated by two different sets of eye colors. I believe the first persona (red eyes) was what Kevin created. The second persona (blue eyes) was what Shion wanted. The only problem with this theory? She's a frigging robot. XD
** Red Eyes = Miang? (Note how cold Kos-Mos appears with those eye colors)
** Blue Eyes = Elly? (Again, note how she speaks of emotions while blue-eyed.)

* Chaos-- He's definitely NOT normal. He took on a gnosis (no hilbert effect!) in Xenosaga. Also, there's a very strong evidence that he's not even human in Xenosaga 2. (Come on, standing on a ship in space where there's lack of oxygen?)
** This has been answered partially. Wilhelm called him Yeshua. Yeshua = JESUS! Chaos is JESUS. XD (And Zohar's my god, damnit.)
*** What? You know, Jesus wasn't a white man in that era. :P The white Jesus imagery is because of some nun that painted him.

* Wilhelm-- Well. Most people I've seen are speculating that he's The Devil or something. I'd have to go with this because, erh, God isn't present and I would like to think that God is pretty netural.

* Deus-- Where the hell is that bastard? I know there are several factors that require Deus to be present. We've got gnosis, Kos-Mos, Merkbah, Omega System, and ZOHAR. However, I suspect that Shion may change into a gnosis. (She survived the gnosis attack!)

* Jin/Citan-- Much like how Abel/Kim/Lacan were reincarinated over the years... I'd believe the same thing happened to Jin. It would only explain things about Citan. They both are doctors (Jin stopped because medicine was so advanced that there was nothing that he could do but talk to the patients), soldiers, skilled with swords, able to think clearly and serious, and pretty much pilot the same frigging gear: Hemidall!

* Hemidal and Crescens-- Both gears apparently were mass-produced but they must have at least survived the crash for them to be re-used for Citan and Emeralda.


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