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Note: Zodiac Teens is the predecessor to Project Sidus: Final Zodiac. It was the original idea I worked with in 1997, featuring six females, six males; all with unique powers. However, the settings were much different in contrast with PSFZ's modern settings.  It had more of a sci-fi theme and being in space sometime in the year 2500! I abandoned this a long time for no apparent reason.  Sometime in 2000, I found this stuff and decided to rework it. So, PSFZ was created from the dust of ZT!

Only three ZT pictures exist because I never bothered to draw more! The first one is of all the six girls, the second is of the mentor of the group, and the third was the very first character design of Lillian Dream. (I am never drawing eyes that huge again, ever. I swear. ;_;)

The six girls! Although, they're different now :P

The mentor... erm, not related to anyone!

EEK! It's Lillian Dream!? O.o;;;


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