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Note: Added few MORE pictures.
The birthmark!        

* The only issues I have with some of my drawings is that I wasn't good enough and Shanna's skin is a bit too dark because you can't see some of her features. I suck at skin tones. ;_; (I also screwed up on Lillian in /both/ pictures. X() I started on Angelo but never finished! Same went for the male counterpart!

* The zodiac/cusp maps were based off of the illustration in The Secret Language of Birthdays. I needed the maps as reference point. @_@

* I planned on a prom series picture with everyone but I wound up only getting three out of twelve. (Yes, I tend to draw women first because I can't draw men too well.)

* I have less problem drawing PSFZ cast in SD-style, go figure.

* Much more recent picture. You can see how my artwork style has changed! And yes, I can't draw robes. *sobs* The birth mark is real. :P

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