Note: This is basically a short version of what really happened in the game.

<Kia-AFK> ...
<Kia-AFK> that wasn't very smart ^^;
* Kia-AFK tranq'd a soldier and he fell right into the infrared beam and ship went BOOM
<JanusII> XD
* Tontetsu airNYAHAHA
<JanusII> That's great
<Kinthoras> nice
* Kinthoras ^_^v
<Tontetsu> You win, Kia. I seriously don't know how else to say it. :p

<Kia-AFK> it all started with me picking up the cardboard box and equipping it when a soldier came into the room
<Kia-AFK> he went all ! ? *kicks box* *lifts box* ! *runs* *chase* *traq* *comes back and sees another soldier, traq* *boom*
<Kia-AFK> tranq, even :D
<Kinthoras> oh noes, a cardboard box