-Gundam Wing-
(Okay, so, these are mostly crack. And it's kind of a spillover from ANE...)

[Heero chasing after Nova] Tch, Nova Strike n' Zero X asked me to draw this pic. (It happened during our GW rp)
[Wufei VS Door] Like this says. Wufei VS Door. Yes, I drew Treize (alias Door) as a door!! FEAR ME!
(:D I sent it to the peeps at Anti-Door site and they liked it!! http://antidoor.freehosting.net/fun.html)
[Duo eating a glue while wearing boxers on his head] This would be a perfect blackmail picture to use on Duo. >:P
[Duo in Pain #1] :P This is the pencil version of the CG =P
[Duo in Pain #2] :P again. :P
[Kiandra hugging her Wuffie plushie :P]
[Duo in Pain] This CG turned out really good =D ... whatever you do,  don't upset the PMS member with the wrench. :P
[Duo in Pain, part two] Duo didn't really  heed the advice too well, ne? :P
[Omae o korosu] SKT pointing a gun at Dekim Barton, the goat blower =b This was CG'd from a sketch in my notebook. XD

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