-Animated GIFs-

[Endless Waltz Animated Gif] My first animated gif. ^^;
All your base spoofs-- [Gundam Wing] [Original Characters] (the latter having characters that belong to me and JanusII)

-Animated Avatars-
(They're all my LJ icons, really.)

Xenosaga-- [Albedo is a dick.]
Xenogears-- [Pervy Elly]
MGS-- [Angles!] [Naked Raiden Cartwheel attack!]
X-Men-- [Quotage of Metal Slug] [Do not annoy the cook] [Gambit hates Joseph]
Bleach-- [Ishida's glasses shatter] [Trippy] [Chad trying to remember Karin]
Shadow Hearts 2-- [OTP: Veronica x Lenny]
FMA-- [Doggy pwned] [Ta da!]







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Disclaimer: Tron/Tron 2.0 belongs to Disney (even though the name Tron belongs to Cooper Industries!), C64 belongs to someone but the webcomic/characters are my own, PSFZ is my own creation as well. Xenogears/Xenosaga belongs to Takahashi. :P