Note: For any Ronin Warriors Fans not familiar with Samurai Troopers stuff.... I'll just list the names because only these characters will be in the doujinshi. I will add some more manga soon when I have the time to draw 'em!! Oh by the way, the Second Circle of Light retain their names... These first five doujinshi take place in between of the first and second seasons. (Would make more sense in my story line but unfortunately, I couldn't put my stories on net because they're waaaaay too long and big.) If you noticed the kanji writing plus katakana writing on top of each doujinshi, they translate into Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers (legend of the mystic armor: samurai troopers) and 2nd Circle of Light (of course, this is obvious since it's in English!) by Kia Purity (I wrote my name in katakana). The katakana names on the right side is for Second Circle of Light while the left side is for the Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.


[Manga 1 with Sakura and Seiji]

Summary: Gag about the Japanese Public Bath =P Except it's the bathroom in Mia's house which a unsuspecting person gets a kick out of the virtue warning. How would Sakura be supposed to know if Sage happened to be there at the wrong time. Poor pure girl. Her virtue took it rather badly. (For me, it won't. Due to the ten percentage of my pure factor *=P. Also, by watching #39 and Kikotei Densetsu: #4. Go beyond the sorrow.) (Note: Nothing has happened. What really happened after this: They both got embarrassed at the same time about their situation and left really quickly.)

[Manga 2 with Okami and Shu]

Summary: Okami and Shu in a rather explosive mess in Mia's kitchen (Poor Mia... all those bills to fix the messes caused by the troopers...=(...) which someone has to clean up, while wearing a cute apron!!

[Manga 3 with Tora and Toma] (Don't you get a feeling that their names rhyme???)
Summary: Tora has a problem with Mia's computer which is being driven nuts by a youja soldier (That's a Dynasty Soldier for you Ronin Warriors fans....). Toma can't figure out what's wrong with the computer. Until we find out and it's fairly obvious. Poor Toma... he has to calm down Tora.

[Manga 4 with Omu and Shin]

Summary: Shin is frustrated over the loss of his favorite fish known as "Sakana-Sakana" (Fishy-Fishy). At first Omu was worried that Shin was hurt.... the same demon returns, stealing the fish. Omu decides to do an emergency action which has disastrous consequences.

[Manga 5 with Hebi and Ryo]

Summary: Hebi is up to no good!! She dons an unique outfit, causing Ryo to scream in agony. Byauken doesn't know at first but after he notices the outfit, he starts feeling sorry for Ryo. ;-) And you gotta click on this link to see the outfit (No, no, no! It's not one of those! It has to do with Kikotei. =D)

[Manga 6: Too Much Caffeine part 1]  (This one would be mostly likely be somewhere around "The Last Hope" and "Kikotei Densetsu")

Summary: The History Teacher, Ms. Hoshino has a bit too much coffee to drink! (After her 30th cup of coffee, she always relives her memories of the past and every incidents Anubis has suffered from.) Anubis shows up but he ends up in his girlfriend's grips while everyone decides to leave before Ms. Hoshino gets too crazy.

[Manga 7: Too Much Caffeine part 2]

Summary: Kia's obsession with Dr. Pepper leaves everyone in disbelief.   A surprise cameo appearance made by everyone's favorite guy!

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