Useless facts... don't you just love 'em?


The useless timeline of this website. :P

Year: Event: Reason:
August 27, 1997 Kia Purity's website was created: Ronin Warriors was the main page along with SCL and Sailor Moon sections.

Server located at:
Site addy was:

I wanted to be famous. Stupid me. :P Anyoo, I was one of the '95 Ronin Warriors fans who created their website.
1998 Moved my website to geocities (BEFORE the merger with Yahoo)

Ironically, I created the Ranma 1/2 page at the same time, but I never added anything to it at all.

More pages were created around this time period.
Site addy was:

Had to move it... couldn't afford to keep it up at aristotle. I believe I moved it around thanksgiving...
Winter/Spring of 1999 My guest book got hacked twice by some moron.

Some events in my life made it difficult for me to even work on my website.

Some people think it's amusing to mess with me. All I can say about this time period, I was VERY instable due to being manipulated. Grgh.
Summer of 1999 All hell broke loose when Geocities and Yahoo merged, thus, letting some lamer hack my website.

Got one of my stories flamed.

I moved my website to

Added Dragonball Z
Site addy was:

Let's say I was just recovering and these two events NEARLY blew me to pieces... I was so convinced that I had to get rid of my website but then I realized that I couldn't give up so easily.
Winter/Spring of 2000 Everything went smoothly... except that I was so disheartened about Ronin Warriors so I didn't spend any time on it.

Created SCL 2000 and somewhat archived SCL.

During spring break, I acquired FFVIII and I created a FFVIII section with my OWN screenshots. Nyah. :P
Moved to
Site addy:

2000 was the year that I would recover from messed up crap that happened during 1999. To be honest, it was like, the year of rebirth.

And that year, I got to meet Silver in person. ^_^ ;_; Spring Break of 2000 ruled.

Summer/Fall of 2000 Feh, I got addicited to Gundam Wing and eventually added it to my page.

Some new sections.

I still ignored my Ronin Warriors section.

Started college that year.

Removed Ranma 1/2 and added PSFZ. Plus, I added MISC anime/video games section.

Everything was just eh, okay. I still moped over Spring Break and went nuts over Gundam Wing.

Damn near had a heart attack when GW and RWs were connected.

Winter 2001 Updates still eehy. Was writing two MMX fanfics. Finished the first one around this year. The second one was finished in 2002, I suppose. ...reploids on the brain... @_@
Summer of 2001/Fall 2001 Started updating my Ronin Warriors section the minute I found out that the DVDs were coming out. I just about had an orgasm (excuse the expression).
Updates still sucks. Second year of college. Silver moved from Florida to Kansas and I was so happy.
Almost got burned out by College. XP

And I was ready to stalk the dvds. O_o

Winter of 2002/Spring of 2002 I went crazy thinking about my Commodore 64 and created a webcomic about my Commodore 64... @_@ I miss my first computer. ;_; It was so ... memorable. *cries*
Summer of 2002/Fall 2002 Created TRON section. Can you blame me for being born three days before TRON came out in theatres?

Removed Sailor Moon and DBZ since I couldn't really maintain both.

I have up to 5 of 10 Ronin Warriors dvds now. I'm stalking the sixth dvd right now. :D

Website is now 5 years old. :) My little baby is growing up. WAUGH.
(Still at leamonde! Two years now. =))

20th anniversity =D for TRON and 20th year of my life!

What can you say? I'm still weird.

Winter of 2003 No change. Very slow with updates. School. Waugh.
Summer/Fall 2003 Made a very difficult decision. Removed the anime pages from the main page as seeing how I could not be able to update them frequently. Brand NEW layout!

Only able to update C64 and Tron pages. Semi-updates with PSFZ page. :/

School again. Senior year. WAUGH!
2004 Modified few things, but not much. School, again. Why do I torture myself?

-Pictures that I used for my website when it was first around-
1997- [Pic 1] [Pic 2] (Pic 1 is the new and crispy version since I lost the old one.)
1998- [Main banner] [Image Map] [buttons] (The buttons sheet only look very crisp because it was scanned in recently. It's a hassle to try to create another html with all of the buttons when I could just scan the sheets. ^^;)
1999- [Main banner] [Image map]
2000- [Main banner] [Image Map]
2001- [Main banner] [Image Map]
2002- [Main banner] [Image Map]
2003- [New Design] (This is the design WITHOUT an image map!)