* Zohar-- mentioned in the game but rarely seen. His appearance is usually in Fei's flashbacks (Abel's memory of the contact). He also appears in the ohgodf battle between Fei and Grahf in the background. Yeah, that's a RED zohar glowing brightly.
** I also believe the "memory cubes" (save points) to resemble Zohar... in a mini version. 8P

* Anima relic-- They resembled mini Zohar's as well. Once aligned to a gear, the power increases and the gear's appearances changes to organic-like in nature.

(Spoilers will be in different color, highlight at your own risk)

* Merkbah-- I presume that it was "revived" in XG. It is where Momo was born.

* The planet exploding-- It turned out to be Zohar/Proto Omega system, not Deus. Damn.

* Omega System-- 

* Sakura-- Turns out that her disease is U-DO influenced. Momo was created to serve as an interface for Sakura and the world. Since Sakura died (suicide?), Momo lost her purpose.

* Zohar-- Hi, he's back. He was in XG but his role is greatly expanded in the Xenosaga games.

* Anima Relic-- These were changed for Xenosaga as well. They resemble brain/spine and have a green eye. (I believe that means that they're linked to Zohar's power as indicated in Xenogears.)
** Isschar, Simeon, Dinah, Asher, and Zebulum are the names of the anima relics in Xenogears while these are the names of the E.S (Omnigears) aligned with those anima relics.

* Yuriev-- Apparently the son of a bitch has been alive for over 100 years. He also pulled a Miang on Nigredo (Gaigun). He also researched U-DO and created URTVs to stop U-DO but Rubedo chickened out.

* U-DO-- The wave existence in Xenogears. I'm unclear as to why it's violent in Xenosaga. However, I know that it wanted to go home... maybe it was tired after all these years?

* Chaos-- Ohgodf. His real name is apparently Yeshua. I didn't catch it until I said "Chaos is Jesus, Zohar is my god." After that, I was hitting my head on the desk. Could explain quite a lot about Chaos. 8P

* Lost Jerusalem-- This was mankind's home planet... known as Earth. However, why they left it is not known. Perhaps, it was too hard to live on anymore? Also, it might have gotten locked away somehow? (This is indicated by the blank spot on the map in Xenosaga. It's supposed to be where Lost Jerusalem is. However, the blank spot also could mean that it's locked away.)

* Joachim's assistant-- Due to the clues given in Xenosaga... Kevin has to be the assistant.
** Kos-Mos' weaponry is similar to Merkbah's.
*** Kevin knew of U-Tic and gave them a console for them to control Kos-Mos with.
**** The age given by the council would indicate Kevin to be 28 if he had lived. However, he was 26 when he was killed by Kos-Mos.

*Why I'm disappointed in Monolith*

Nabbed from www.zenosaga.com:

* Ziggy's past history (as seen in The Pied Piper)
* U.R.T.V.'s past history (as seen in the Episode II)
* Shion's past history with Febronia (removed)
* Jr's rapid growing (removed)
* Both juvenile and grown-up Jr. switching available in the battle (removed)
* The ghost of the old Miltia (removed)
* The death of Sakura (removed)
* Brief reunion with grown-up Citrine (removed)
* Gaignun vs Zohar emulators (removed)
* Jr.'s transformation/overdrive (removed)
* Jr. & Albedo vs U-DO vs KOS-MOS 3rd armament (removed)
* Shion's spiritual seeking/witnessing/awakening (removed)
* The truth about KOS-MOS (removed)
* Conversation between chaos and the red cloak man (removed)
* Conversation between Nephilim and the boy with the blocks (removed) <-- WHAT?!
* An antimatter annihilation of Albedo (removed)

AUGH. I want Abel and Elly! *shakes some sense into Monolith* You don't tease me like that! ;_; It also appears that Xenogears and Xenosaga are no longer part of the same series with stupid editing in Xenosaga II. So, yeah, looks like no one will ever get to find out the REAL story before Abel and Elly. Poo. (Yes, I do play games for stories, what?)

EDIT-- From what I've seen of Xenosaga 3 trailer #2, it appears that the "cut parts" are in! There's a brief scene with Gaignun (possed by that parasite Yuriev) vs Zohar Emulators. Also, there's a snippet with Abel having drawn Nephilim on the floor. YAY ABEL @#()$*@#(*@#!!!

*Censors suck*

* In Xenosaga 2, there is a very noticable edit in the URTV past: Albedo's gun was replaced with an energy blast. He still blows his head off.
** Time paradox issue: He does not get that power until after he has been infected with the U-DO. It indicates that it took place much earlier.
*** Great going, censors. Just leave the gun in the game. Teenagers would know not to shoot themselves with it anyway. They can't regenerate like Albedo anyway. The game is rated for a reason, hi.


Xenogears and Xenosaga are copyrighted by their creators.