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Note: No one listed here is real except for two annoying people. (Guess who!) The staff is completely made up out of respect for the real staff!

~The owner of Dream Hobbies~
Name: Citan Dream
Age: 25-30
Relatives: Lillian (the only living one. Rest are dead.)
He owns a small hobby shop filled with assorted odd items, including anime. He lost his brother to the Oklahoma City bombing attack few years ago. However, he has a deep, dark secret that is somehow connected to Project Sidus.
Notes: The dork had no idea of Xenogears at this time the character was created. Now the dork has experienced Xenogears, CITAN RULES!

~The Nurse~
Name: Ms. Pearce
Age: 35
Relatives: None
She's the school nurse and overlooks the small office located behind the main office. Her assistant is Vanessa who is very interested in medicine.

~The High School~
Name: Wichita High School Southeast
Age: ...Uhh, it was built in 1958 or 59... but pretty damn old. o_O
The insane high school that Kia Purity actually attended as did her older sister. Funny thing is, Ken Takino attends it NOW.
(Note: This exists!)

~Annoying Cameos~
Name: Kia Purity
Age: 22 (22 in the story)
Guess who. <3

Name: Ken Takino
Age: 16 (15 in the story)
Same. He actually attends the school and is somehow on both the debate and bowling teams. *sweatdrop*

~The Zodiac Witch~
Name: You ain't getting it.
Age: 22
She's obviously someone that you know, but who?

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