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Week: April 21-May 21
Stones: Rose Quartz (soothing, inspires imagination), Emerald (promotes learning), Lapis Lazuli (deepens activities on the material plane)
Color: All shades of blue, deep green
Body Areas: Ears, vocal chords, neck & throat, palate, salivary glands, cerebellum
Plants: Daisy, dandelion, lily
Trees: April 21-May 12 (blackthorn, willow) Hawthorne (May 13-21)
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Mode: Sensation
Motto: I have
Current Taurus in the story: Taliesin, Ken Takino (annoying cameo #1)

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider. (published in 1994)
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