In my life, I've met three white Australian Shepherd dogs, one of which is my very own.

* Luke, 6 years old. Deaf, going from near blind to almost completely blind.
    -Blue merle coloring.
    -Owned by my older sister, Jennifer.
    -Quirkies: Tends to spin around in circles and will randomly pounce shadows. Was named after Luke Skywalker because Jen's a Star Wars geek, somewhat. Very light sleeper! (Will jump up and run around in circles when he wakes up...)

* Sydney, 5 years old. Deaf, partially blind, epilepsy. (Last grand mal seizure was in March. Her medicine has been upped since then.)
    -Blue merle coloring.
    -Owned by my parents.
    -Quirkies: Pretty sensitive skin (will turn into Sid Vicious if you pet her the wrong way), once confronted by strangers, she will run away and hide in her crate, turning her back on them! Also prone to randomly destroying television remote controls. Was named after Sydney on Alias and a city in Australia. She's listed on under December 2002 adoptions as Whitie. (See, Jen didn't like the name.) Heavy sleeper, need to shake her a bit to wake her up. (Which is why there's like, a million pictures of Sydney sleeping. :P) Sydney is also prone to knocking the food bowl over to get to the food and the food bowl happens to be near the basement fence.
No longer with us; died from a seizure that she couldn't recover from on 8-9-07.

* Chelsea, 6 years old. Deaf, some vision problems.
    -Red merle coloring.
    -Owned by me.
    -Quirkies: She clings to me! She also won't fall asleep unless I'm in the same room with her. XP Her name retains the same from when I got her from the shelter in Salina. However, a recent discovery at the vet revealed that Chelsea was born without ovaries and had a part of a uterus. Apparently, everything else is intact, but I think this is pretty important for anyone to get their lethal white Aussies checked out for anything like THAT.

How cute... <3 Just relaxing. Maybe he's posing? Luke thought he was getting a cookie!
Relaxing, part two. Definitely happy to see Jen.

December 2002 - August 9, 2007

So tiny and cute. <3 With the toy! Awww, she dozed off. With the toy again.
Looking a bit clueless. Yes, she did fall asleep. Just like that! No, seriously. She was still like that.
Jen and Sydney She's eating out of a bowl for once! Completely knocked out! The flash doesn't even bother her at all!
Yep, sleeping again. From another angle...

Her picture on! Snooping around her new home Smelling out the dog food which Sydney knocked down the stairs Chewing on a rawhide square! Quite delicious for her.
Content. Pretty tired. She followed me into my room... oops, needs food and water! Decided to take a nap in the basement!
Still sleeping... The flash just doesn't bug her that much either.    

-First series was from when Sydney was adopted.
-Second series was maybe few weeks later. (Yes, Maggie is a HONKING HUGE Aussie. But hey, Luke and Chelsea are huge too X_x)

In front of the gate leading to the basement. Eating food together in the crate! Sydney doesn't look too happy. (She was mid-Sid Vicious face when this picture was taken!) Sydney and Luke in a tug of war.
The tug of war! Sydney in mid-Sid Vicious from Maggie licking her face. Maggie and Sydney. This was when Jen adopted Mick in late July 2003 (Copper Merle Aussie)
Guess who sneaked into the room! Chelsea is completely ignoring Sydney... - A very good organization for finding a deaf dog to save, no matter what breed it is. - My mother made a very beautiful quilt. (You can only see it cached via, just type in "Becky Nordyke" Aussies and hit the cache for!) - My homesite. :P

Last updated: August 20, 2005