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Panel 1: *sound effect: Tora hitting Okami with a frying pan* POW!

Panel 2: Tora: !!!
Okami: ....

Panel 3: *Kia gets out a video camera* Kia: HEE HEE HEE!

Panel 4: Hebi: Kia, you're sick.

Panel 5: Kia: TELL THAT TO MY MIND! I HAD NINE DREAMS ABOUT ME AND SAGE! (unfortunately that is true)
Omu: Now she's way sick.
Tora: Duh, she is already sick.
*Okami is seen getting two binoculars*

Panel 6: *Okami, Omu, Kia are looking thru them in the sky* (U can tell by the colors of their sub-armors which is which. Omu is the one freaking out while Kia is amused and Okami is laughing.)

Panel 7: *Sound effect: Tora hitting them all with a mallet* POW! SMACK! WHAM!

Panel 8: The mallet lands on their heads as they all groan "OW!" Tora looks really mad.

Panel 9: Hebi shoves the binoculars on Tora's face. Hebi: Now you need to stare at Rowen!

Panel 10: Tora: HELL NO!

Panel 11: Tora sees Rowen finally and gasps: AAuugh! What kind of a body is that?!

Panel 12: Kia: Medium built.
Okami: Nice one too.
Omu: You're so lucky, Tora!
Hebi: Yes!!! Lucky!
*Tora is furious*