Update: Some comics coming soon!

[Dynasty Follies 1 with Dark Silver-Spade and Cale]

Summary: No light. A ticked off Dark Silver-Spade ready to kill Cale.

[Dynasty Follies 2 with Talpa-saurs and Sakura Hana no Ojo]

Summary: Talpa as a dino skeleton? Big mistake once Sakura Hana no Ojo (Princess of Cherry Blossoms) discovers that Talpa's up to no good by possessing a T-Rex skeleton.

[Dynasty Follies 3 with Badamon torturing the 3 Dark Warlords, Lady Kayura and Talpa]

Summary: Badamon's up to no good!!

[Dynasty Follies 4... a sinister surprise]

Summary: Kia should watch what she says!!!

[Dynasty Follies 5... uh oh, someone's having a bad month!]

Summary: You shouldn't be around Lady Kayura at this time of the month.

[Dynasty Follies 6... "MY WARLORDS, FETCH ME MY LEMONS!"]

Summary: This title says it all.

[Dynasty Follies 7... Crossdressing Day]

Summary: Dynasty Soldiers doing their usual favorite activity.