2002 comics

3-29-02 LOAD "C64GIRL",8,1 ... SEARCHING... READY...RUN
4-1-02 That Darn Gorf!
4-3-02 Kia Purity the C64 Fangirl
4-5-02 Kia Purity is a character. Surprised?
4-8-02 Eek, 80's fashions.
4-10-02 The Harsh Truth
4-12-02 C64's Opinion on Apple and MS...wooden case?
4-15-02 Annoying punks.
4-17-02 C64 has a new boyfriend!
4-19-02 Darwin, the evolving fish. >:]
4-22-02 Apple's not too happy about C64.
4-24-02 Lurking Nintendo... o_O;
4-26-02 The computer is scared of Kia. XD
4-29-02 Kia, the computer geek.
5-1-02 Loading Ninja program. XD
5-3-02 Funky Ninja of DOOM!
5-6-02 Got to love the lack of security.
5-8-02 Entering through the front door?
5-10-02 MS is in a bubble... o.O
5-13-02 Pointy Ninja Star
5-15-02 I can do realstic style! I'm just lazy!
5-17-02 Oooh, pop that bubble! :D
5-20-02 Would this be a success or failure? O_o
5-22-02 Hey, C64 can enter machines? O_o
5-24-02 I can't write good dialogue for life of me.
5-25-02 I hate MS lawyers. Scums!
5-27-02 Yeah, there's an Amish virus... and it's fake.
5-31-02 There's scores. Apple and MS suck.
6-3-02 Return of the colorness. Darwin!
6-7-02 A very obsecure reference. You'd have to play the previous FF's to know this one.
6-10-02 Run-by-BOOYAKA
6-12-02 Darwin is so cute.
6-14-02 Atari's not happy with NES and Darwin.
6-17-02 Apple looks terrible in realstic style.
6-19-02 Ding dong, the plastic surgery computer--ack!
6-21-02 MS still can't figure out that the virus isn't real.
6-24-02 So, uh, yeah, I'm plugging in my Tron section?
6-26-02 Yes, C64 is popular. Didn't you notice?
6-28-02 Inverted Orange Traffic Cone -- PC GAMER June Issue.
7-1-02 AOSHI-SAMA~! Where are you? *_*
7-3-02 Uh, yes, I'm weird.
7-5-02 Society is a bitch.
7-6-02 Yay, I'm a old geezer. 20 years old. X_x;
7-8-02 What? Apple suggested a truce? That's not right.
7-9-02 Gotta love fully CG'd comic.
7-10-02 NES vs ATARI. A stupid fight, ne?
7-12-02 I'm good at making buttered popcorn. :P
7-14-02 The conclusion and the unexpected winner.
11-1-02 Free from school work. XD
12-23-02 C64's remembering her "birth" and meeting Kia
12-25-02 Merry Christmas~

The Extra comics of 2002


9-5-02 The Introduction by a SD Kia. o.O
9-6-02 Virus in a bottle.
9-9-02 MS' standard day.