Kia Purity VS (someone)

Kia Purity

Note: XD I was in a hyper mood and decided to make this... since y'know I've been doing this so much in my quit msg on mIRC! So thus, this will be done mIRC style! (for those of y'all who have used mIRC, you'll be able to understand. XP

Here's our hero-- Kia Purity ^_^ VS these following people.... XD Whoever quits IRC loses. :P

NEW BATTLES! Kia Purity vs Ronin Warriors! :D


Heero Yuy
<Kia_Purity> *poses* I am Kia Purity, the one who will make you weep! ^_^
<Heero_Yuy> Omae o korosu *points gun at Kia_Purity*
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by fear of guns)

WINNER: Heero Yuy! Damn him and his gun.

Duo Maxwell
<Kia_Purity> So... Duo... stand still...
<Duo_Maxwell> MONGOOSE! :D
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by mongoose)

WINNER: Duo Maxwell. Obviously he prepared in advance with a sack of sugar.

SD Duo
<Kia_Purity> Arghhh... *looks at SD_Duo* There's no way I can win...
<SD_Duo> ^-^
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by kawaiiness)

WINNER: SD Duo. He's too kawaii >_<;

Trowa Barton
<Trowa_Barton> . . .
<Kia_Purity> Well? Aren't you going to fight?
* Trowa_Barton pulls out a half clown mask and puts it on.
<Kia_Purity> AGGGHHHHHHH!!!
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by clown)

WINNER: Trowa Barton. Damn the clown mask.

Quatre Raberba Winner
<Kia_Purity> --; That was humilating.
<Quatre_Raberba_Winner> ..; We shouldn't be fighting.
<Kia_Purity> ._.; Okay.

WINNER: Quarte--er, bad pun... no winner... 'cause fighting is bad, mmkay?

Chang Wufei
<Kia_Purity> . o O (Oh shit!)
<Chang_Wufei> ... make your move, woman.
* Kia_Purity drools mindlessly.
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by HUNK)
<Chang_Wufei> O.o; WHAT?!!
* Kia_Purity has joined #kiapurityvs
<Kia_Purity> XD You're so cute, just like my fiance.
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by HUNK)
<Chang_Wufei> --; . . . insane woman.

WINNER: Wufei by default... you should've known that Kia Purity has a shrine. :P

Ryo Sanada/Ryo
<Kia_Purity> *poses*
<Ryo> ...
<Kia_Purity> What?
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by a burnt Kia)
<Ryo> ..; That'll teach her.

WINNER: Ryo! Damn the fact that he has fire attacks. Oy...

Rei Fuan Shu/Kento
<Mr_Food> Hmm... I'm hungry. :D
<Kia_Purity> ... ._.
<Mr_Food> *eats some sugar with food*
<Kia_Purity> Oy, am I fighting Duo or what?
<Mr_Food> Duo? :P MONGOOSE!
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by mongoose)

WINNER: Shu. Somehow, he learned that mongoose tactic...

Shin Mouri/Cye
<I_Like_Fishes> ^-^ Fishies are just so cute, aren't they?
<Kia_Purity> ...Well...
<I_Like_Fishes> Oh yeah, and fighting is bad, mmkay?
<Kia_Purity> Somehow, you remind me of Quatre...

WINNER: No winner... I guess Shin an' Quatre are the pacifists! XP

Seiji Date/Sage
<Seiji_Date> *sweatdrop*
<Kia_Purity> BISHIE! :D *pounces Seiji*
<Seiji_Date> ^^;;; could you get off me?
<Kia_Purity> Cutie. ^.^
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by HUNK)
<Seiji_Date> ..;;;;; Erp.

WINNER: Seiji by default! Kia Purity has a shrine to him! :P

Touma Hashiba/Rowen
<BookWorm> *reading a book*
<Kia_Purity> Come on, Touma Hashiba! Let's fight!
<BookWorm> I need to plan first.
<Kia_Purity> Oy... a plan?
<BookWorm> ^-^;;;
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by a genius' plan)
<BookWorm> Hehehe, the plan worked. ^-^

WINNER: The genius! :P He's just so gosh-darn smart... I think my fiance's IQ is close to Touma's...

People on IRC

Any Lamers with stupid names like L33T * Kia_Purity slaps L33T around a bit with a large trout
* L33T has quit IRC (Connection reset by trout)

WINNER: Kia Purity.... just because.


People mentioned by People on IRC or the ones that are suggested. XP

[No Pic due to the scary content of the picture]

Perl Man

<Perl_Man> *talks to himself*
<Kia_Purity> . . . *jumps at Perl_Man but is overpowered by stench*
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (Connection reset by bad smell)
* Kia_Purity has joined #kiapurityvs
<Kia_Purity> GRRR! *throws a shower at Perl_Man*
* Perl_Man has quit IRC (Connection reset by flying shower)
<Kia_Purity> HA!

WINNER: Some what of a tie but Kia wins because Perl Man didn't return.

Mr. T <Kia_Purity> *battle stance*
<Mr_T> *throws Kia_Purity hella far*
* Kia_Purity has quit IRC (*thrown hella far*)

WINNER: Mr. T... he sure can throw helluva far!



Ken Takino <Kia_Purity> ...
<Ken_Takino> ...

WINNER: A tie. Since the two siblings live together, it's a battle EVERY DAY.