Color pencil pictures:
Akarui ... >_> Zero with boobies, yo.
Ankoku Resembles his mom, doesn't he?
Ari Doesn't he look so sad?
Arienne Uh, so, yeah, Ari's twin sister.
Arlene A RP character. x_x
Damaru in a dress Ooh, fear, Damaru in a dress.
Damaru and Zero Looks good together, but NOT IN THAT WAY.
Damaru's upgrade Hmmm. Bikini?
Dochuu Kassi's son. '.';;;
FT's upgrade FT looks much more mature. Heh.
Jacylina Zex, Seth, and Kassi's mom. o_o;
Jessyca Gorgeous dress. :x
Kiandra in a dress I like her hair better :D
Kiandra in her armor Whee, armor plate.
Meroveus Dochuu's father. :P
Pepper Family (Damnit, Should've throw in Ari and Arienne)
PT upgrade Pine Tree's new armor
Kia Purity as an elf in 3 different outfits
[Jesno Wawic]
[Winter Princess]
[Iona] The door clashes with the artwork. Idiot me.
[Ten Versions of Kia]
[Stardust Youja] I admit, I like it. >_o
[Personas] S-Chan (chibi), Kia Purity, Jia, Youma-Kia, and Kia. *head explodes*
[Silver-Spade] Redone dress. I like it... I'll have to draw it again.
[Fate] My concept of God being a woman. XD
[Older Iona] Ugh, two versions of Iona. This is the human one. x.x;
[Bride Kia] I hate how her face turned out. >:E
[Kiandra Takiyume body study] People've commented that she looks hot =P

CG colored pictures:
Bishie Talpa (*dies*)
Damaru bleeding from her shoulder
First CG of Damaru
Silver and Jessy
Kia in Tronesque outfit XD
S-chan =p
Zex in water
Zex in a zoot suit
[Cherry Blossom] Tch, sorta like the spirit of da Gundam. :P
[The cover of 'A Moment of Virtue' series...]
[S.A.I.N.T. Tsunami] It's a gundam-like mecha, not a Ronin Warrior. :P Over 90% of the comments I've gotten was "Ronin Warriorish...". It's a water mecha and I was trying for something like Shin's Suiko armor... (from both Message and TV series)... erp, I meant Cye's Torrent armor... blah =P
[Kiandra Takiyume close up] Kiandra Takiyume's a character in the SAINT rp which is now DEAD.
[Fruit Tree and Pine Tree] oO; I feel sorry for Pine Tree since he's a christmas tree. This picture was inspirated by a temp Christmas RPG in #rpforall ^^;|
[Pine Tree] Fruit Tree's younger brother. oo; He's very much different from her... whereas she's hyperactive, he's serious.

Kia Purity in silver ink :D
S-Chan in silver ink
Zex surrounded by water in her goddess outfit
Zex in her zoot suit
[gsupc.jpg] Just playing around with the silver and gold ink pens

Akarui in armor
Ankoku in armor
Arlene (realstic) which sucks
Arlene (new outfit!)
Arlene (another outfit)
Sketch of Shadows2
Kiandra sitting down (this looks bleh)
Kassi in her semi-draco form
Kiandra looking very bishoujo
Early sketch of Damaru
Seth in drac form
Sketch of Shadows1
Zero in a maid's outfit XD
Zero upclose. Bishounen :x
Zero in jeans and.... thongs. x_x
Zex in her drac form. XP
[black n' white piccie of Kia Purity the elf]
[Sketches] A couple of sketches-- you'll know who they're all are... well... sorta. Hebi, Astra, Okami, Omu, Tora, Tenshi, and Iona. 
[Kiandra Takiyume sketches] Takiyume in a night gown, regular outfit, and pilot suit.

SD Kia Purity
SD Jitsu
SD Angel
SD Kiandra
SD Shannon
SD Stephanie

Artwork for people:
DR and Thornne (SD)
Femme DR
FT Catgirl and FT Catgirl again
Haishin (I'm gonna redraw her soon :P)
JII and Minako
Uncolored Kalinka
Makoto Yoban
Sailor DR
SD Thornne
Tracha (...I know that his hair looks like Iori's)
[Andrea in a dress] I like how the dress turned out, but I didn't like how the skin turned out. >.o I think I went a shade TOO dark...
[Densetsu in a tux] This turned out pretty good =D Ehehehehe, I like playing around with green hair effects. :b
[Aka Ryuu Chronicles Logo] APOLOGIES to Squaresoft. (Eh, no apologizes to Enix.)
[Sailor Sting] I drew this for a friend... _._ no, it's not the musician. It's one of my friends on IRC who uses the nick of Sting >:P

Misc: (seriously!)
[Boredom] A goofy sketch. Pink Pikachu.... and Sage whining at me... while my fiancÚ, Silver is out to kill a pink monkey (sigh) he can't stand DBGT.
[Realistic] I was kinda bored and trying to draw in realistic style. Silver says there's no difference between the attempted realistic and my anime style.
[Realstic1] Colored version.
[Scl 99] I only traced a old drawing of mine to improve it. I'm not going to even try again.
[Stardust 1] *sigh* I just kinda drew it in my own view.
[Stardust 2] (same as above)
[cover] [back] Was gonna be cover and back for my "mangaified" version of YST songs. _-_
[Sakura and Kia] Should've used geta instead of tatami zori.